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Hey guys! I have been very busy for these past few weeks so I would like to say sorry for not updating often on my blog. Anyhow today I am in a good mood to do a review on one of the services I have recently came across. one of fast rising online shopping in the Philippines.  Please be reminded that I am going to talk about my experience on their service. For more details about the company you can check out their website here

It has been said that when it comes to online shopping Philippines is one of the Asian countries who have enjoyed the benefits of its convenience. Since I work at home I often find myself replacing some of my computer accessories every now and then. My mouse is probably the one I often break so I somewhat need to replace it at least every 1 to 2 months. Since I don't use it on special things I always go for the cheapest one. (I am stingy!) I was planning to buy it on the weekend but then I recently found out about Since I am not new into buying online, I've said to myself why not try buying from them? So today's post is all about how I was able to order successfully from their online shop. 
First thing you'll see on the application

What did you order?

Since I'll be needing another mouse I ordered one! :)  I was able to check some of the products they sell and one of the things that I like about is that there are a lot of options you can choose from. They are cheap too! After searching for different mouse from different vendors I was able to finally find the one that I think suitable for me based on color and of course the price. :) 

How easy it is to order? 

It was very easy.  Here are the steps on ordering from

step 1

Download the application form and register for an account.

Step 2 

Place your order and have them checked out. Make sure that you have filled out the shipping address. 

Step 3

Choose the payment method. If you have chosen paypal or credit or debit card you will then be transferred to another page so you can fill in the necessary information. payment confirmation
Payment complete :) 

Step 4 

Wait for the confirmation via Email and then wait for your order to arrive!

That's it I have placed my order. Very easy right ? A few minutes after ordering the item, customer service was nice enough to call me for the confirmation. It was nice to know that they do care about their customer!

What are the method of payments you can use?

There are different payment options:
♥Cash on delivery
♥Visa/ Credit Card
♥Bank Deposit

Do they offer shipping for free?

Yes! offers free shipping within metro manila ( except for appliances) The best part is that NO minimum amount. In my case I had to pay for it since I live outside the metro. 

What do you like about

♥ I like that it has its own apps that you can easily download 
♥ Prices compare to other competitors are cheaper
♥I was able to order in a matter of minutes
♥ Confirmation was sent via email
♥ Customer service called me as well to confirm of my order ♥
♥Different payment options are available 
♥Very informative! It keeps me updated via email.

I am still waiting for my item to arrive :) I will give you an update when it does! But for now I'm quite satisfied on the seamless online shopping  experience I got from

Update: I ordered it on Feb 28 2017 got my item on march 3 2017. I wasn't expecting it to arrive fast. I am very satisfied :) online shopping philippines my item arrived!!

How would you rate your experience? 4 /5 (thanks to the customer service! and fast shipment) 
Would you order again? I would love to order again :)

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IG: @goods_ph

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