A relaxing and pampering Saturday thanks to Stairway Cafe and E&W Salon&Spa

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Last April 1, 2017 I was invited to experience a relaxing and pampering Saturday ♥. It was a good experience so today my post is about how I spent my April fools day. 
I was fortunate enough to experience a day of pampering thanks to Engineer Emilie Ronquillo the owner of Stairway Cafe as well as E&W Salon and spa. 
Stairway Cafe and Salon

Stairway Cafe & Salon offers different beverages and Food. I was able taste some of the food they offer. Check them out below!

So what's so good about this cafe? They offer sumptuous food and  mouth watering beverages all affordable prices! Staff are very friendly too :) 

After eating some delicious food, we then visited E&W salon & spa located in Centennial Road. It is a heaven's place for any woman! A combination of salon and spa where you can get yourself pampered from head to toe and a place where you can buy trendy and fashionable clothes all in one place ♥
My experience 
The first venue we went to was the stairway cafe. The ambiance of the place is very warm and staff are very friendly.  The place itself is very comfy since seats are made to feel you very comfortable. Pillows are everywhere! and no need to ask for the password for wi-fi its already plastered on every corner. They offered different types of food as you can see on the top with all the pictures. One of the things I like about stairway cafe is the tea they offer. I like tea and they have different variants :) Food they offer are very affordable and they are not "tipid" Its a very a good place to be with friends and family.

E&W Salon and spa pampered us from head to toe :) I got the foot spa with manicure and pedicure package and I got my hair colored! It was are really nice and their service is very customer oriented. The staff are very friendly too. I love the result of my hair! They also offer the  facial massage and  body massage. I would love to try them one day♥

It was a relaxing Saturday for me :) I had so much fun! Staff were just friendly and  very accommodating. 

Pampering Day with co- bloggers
The house of OOTD offers affordable clothes and apparels. They have a lot trendy and fashionable clothes. I could not help buying at least one dress :) ( I will try to add my OOTD once I wear it I promise!) If you're in the area try to check out their clothes.

How it all began 
Engineer Emilie Ronquillo has started from a very humble beginning. A woman who grew up from nothing to a successful business woman thanks to her precious and loving mother who worked hard selling her famous "suman sa lihiya and sumang matamis" to let her children finished their studies. 

Ms. Emilie Ronquillo started venturing to business and was successful in establishing her first salon E&W salon. Later she was able to expand it and made it into salon and spa.Being successful on her first business she saw another opportunity to expand, and established another salon this time with the help of her children's idea the simple salon that she planned to open became the stairway cafe and salon we know today.  

As a successful business woman she is, she has not forgotten where she came and doesn't forget to give back to the community by giving job opportunities for within their ministry and community and by doing a feeding program to lesser family somewhere in Cavite.

Bloggers with Ms. Emilie

Staff with Ms. emilie and her dear mother

I admire how she was able to make a name of herself from nothing. Her dedication and love to her family is immeasurable. Despite being a successful woman that she is, she never forgets and make sure she can help what ever way she can. I sure hope you become successful in everything you do since you deserve whatever you have now.  

If you're anywhere near kawit Cavite do not forget to visit stairway cafe and drop by  E &W salon and spa  & house of ootd♥ 

You can also check out current event 


E & W Salon and Café and House of OOTD 

Stairway Café and Salon: 

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