Review: Kiss Me Better Lip Cream

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Hello hello! How's you guys :D I have been quite busy about many things because May is my birth month :D I have been working hard!! This review is looong overdue and for that I would like to sincerely say sorry for the delay :) Anyhow Today's post is about my newly found favorite lip cream. 

Please be reminded that I am only going to talk about the product based on my experience for more details please check their official  page and or website :)

What is it? Its a lip tint/ lip cream 
How much is it? PHP 230 for one tube 
Where can  you buy it? You can buy it from their official site

jojoba oil, Argan oil, Aloe vera leaf juice, Emullium Vitamin E, Vitamin F Forte Leaf/Fruit/Flower pigments. Titanium Dioxide Vegatable Glycerine May contain luxuriant minerals

Since I am not a fan of having too much make up, I like using very little things on my face and of course lippy is a must! Because of my good friend I was able to find this product. Its a new lip cream that are being introduced in the market. 

Do they offer different shades? 

Yes they have the following shades:

The shades I currently have are naked and vamp

The review

Packaging and designs: The tube is small and can easily fit even a small bag which makes it very handy and portable. The design and logo look very sophisticated and classy.

Colors and shade: The colors that they offer are very trendy. They offer different shades that can match up to everyone's taste. If you're in for summer and younger look, naked and sacred are available. If you want to show your sexy side vamp and devious are just the right shades for you and for that classical and chic look vamp is the answer! I personally like vamp because it has this classy shade which I very love.

Smell: Kiss Me Better lip tint smells really good I was really surprise!. Both Naked and Vamp smell like watermelon. The scent  is very  refreshing :) 

Taste:  Its minttttty! I love love mint. It has the mint taste and the cool effect so you will definitely enjoy using kiss me better lip cream :)

Is it transfer proof? 
I have tried using it and I can say that yes its transfer proof once it dries. I wouldn't say its perfectly transfer proof since I did the test it and I still saw some stains but very minimal compare to others.
Does it last long? 
Based on my experience it lasts for minimum of 2 hours. I have actually tried observing it and I could see some residue even after using it for 6 to 7 hours or after eating. 
After 5 hours of using 
vamp after eating :D

What makes it different from others? 
This lip cream is made locally ♥. Its organic and most of all cruelty free which is a huge plus for me. In addition it is also very affordable :)

using Naked
What do you like about it?
I love Kiss Me better lip cream ♥. I am currently using vamp for everyday use while I use Naked if I feel like not having anything but  my lippy on. I love the fact that its organic and cruelty free. I also love the smell and the mint taste it has. It lasts long than a normal lip cream and its very convenient and handy to use. Its also very economical. One or 2 swipe on your lips are enough, at least for me :D I have asked and this lip cream is also good for pregnant women and for children :) Its safe girls!

Would you recommend it to your friends?
Yes definitely! I  would recommend this for anyone who is looking for an organic lip cream its very affordable  too!

Would you buy it again? Yes! Would love to try other shades ♥
Rate: 4/5

Check out their official social media

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